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Ocean Chakras Couple Bracelets

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  • 🧘‍♂ Wear these magnificent Ocean Chakras Couple Bracelets in love and bring softness and calm to your union.

    Les Chakras, leurs 7 vertus :

    • Chakra Couronne :Connaissance, conscience, accomplissement et spiritualité.
    • Chakra du Troisième Œil :Intuition, lucidité, médiation, confiance.
    • Chakra de la Gorge : Communication, expression, créativité, inspiration.
    • Chakra du Cœur : Acceptation, compassion, amour, sincérité.
    • Chakra du Plexus Solaire : Force, personnalité, pouvoir, détermination.
    • Chakra Sacré : Sensualité, sexualité, plaisir, sociabilité.
    • Chakra Racine : Énergie, stabilité, confort, sécurité.

    Emplacement des 7 Chakras dans le corps humain avec les Bracelets Couple Chakras Océanique

    Choose them for your relationship but not only!

    • Design: Natural pearls and strong elastic strength.
    • Very comfortable: Won't get caught on your clothes.
    • Bracelets sold in sets of 2.
    • Item eligible for Free Delivery!

    💕Embellish your wrists with the Spring Chakra Couple Bracelets. These beaded couple bracelets made of beads with a thousand and one very colorful virtues will dress your wrists with the charm of spring colors. Give your partner an ideal gift with these couple bracelets, they will improve their physical and mental state and your relationship will be improved. If you want to see more, we have a wide selection of couples jewelry, you will definitely find something you like!