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Amethyst and Chakra Couple Bracelets

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  • 🧘‍♀Choose balance and zen in your relationship by wearing these superb Amethyst and Chakra Couple Bracelets together. You will find zen and power in your relationship.

    The Chakras, their 7 virtues :

    • Crown Chakra: Knowledge, awareness, fulfillment, spirituality.
    • Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, lucidity, mediation, trust.
    • Throat Chakra: Communication, expression, creativity, inspiration.
    • Heart Chakra: Acceptance, compassion, love, sincerity.
    • Solar Plexus Chakra: Strength, personality, power, determination.
    • Sacred Chakra: Sensualité, sexualité, plaisir, sociabilité. Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, sociability. 
    • Root Chakra: Energy, stability, comfort, security.

      Emplacement des 7 Chakras dans le corps humain avec les Bracelets Couple Améthyste & Chakras

      Choose them for your relationship but not only!

      • Design: Natural pearls and strong elastic strength.
      • Very comfortable: Won't get caught on your clothes.
      • Bracelets sold in sets of 2.
      • Item eligible for Free Delivery!

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