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Who are we?

We believe in this world. A world where you have the total freedom to love and be loved, without the slightest judgment, to experience, to be courageous, and to have the strength to live your life as a new adventure, every day.
We do everything we can to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to discover love, and all the amazing things it provides.
It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. We are here to allow you to flourish in your love life.

Love for all

At Couple-Gift®, all lovers are welcome. We do everything we can to find the best items that match each person’s unique style and allow all couples to take their bond to the next level. This is why our store provides many different collections, some with discreet items, like key rings, along with others that stand out, like clothes! We also strive to offer you the most attractive prices, that fit every budget. Love is not a luxury reserved for the richest.


Our primary goal as a brand is to strengthen the romantic bond in your relationship. Share unique moments, just the two of you. Forget the hard times and the distance. Proudly share your symbol of love at school, on the street, at school, at work, or even on social media! Your story should never fall into a depressing routine. Show yourself proudly, dare and strengthen your closeness and trust.

The journey that changed everything

Couple-Gift®, initially, was a team of 2 young student couples between 18 and 23 years old who decided to launch their own brand of clothing and accessories for couples. The Couple-Gift ® project officially launched on November 14, 2019, with a first selection of a few items on the first version of our online store. We quickly became “victims of our success” and most of our items were out of stock in just a few days. We cannot thank you enough for trusting us since the beginning.

50,000 followers later ...

Today, more than 50,000 people follow us on social media and more than 10,000 customers trust our store and our services. Starting off with a small collection of a few t-shirts, our couple boutique has now over 8,000 references of jewelry, clothing and accessories and gift ideas. At Couple-Gift ® we bring couples together which you can see on our Instagram for example (@instacouple_official).

Quality and Reliability

We make sure to bring you the best items at the best prices and that your personal data is always protected with the help of professional softwares and partners like Stripe.
We also guarantee the delivery of your orders by working with authority partners such as Fedex, Chronopost and La Poste for deliveries in France. We also work with transport companies around the world to ensure a free and secure delivery no matter where you live.
Our team is at your disposal to ensure optimal assistance and satisfaction if you ever have any questions or concerns. Thank you for trusting us and helping us grow our brand exponentially.

The Couple-Gift ® team.